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Pequannock Township is a community that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a short distance from many beautiful natural sites, and it consistently ranks highly in “Best Place to Live” lists. Let’s keep up the good work and continue making Pequannock a safe, welcoming place. With our junk removal services in Pequannock, NJ, you’ll be able to clean up your clutter and make this already-nice community even more appealing.

At Lift Away Junk Removal, we believe that our customers should never have to spend their own time handling junk removal projects. So leave it to us. Whether you need us to remove a few items from your house or clean out an entire commercial space, we can get the work done. What’s more, we’ll do it for an agreeable price.

Why Our Junk Removal in Pequannock, NJ?

Many people in Pequannock Township rely on their local trash collection services to get rid of their unwanted waste. However, there is a limited quantity of junk you can dispose of this way. If you keep piling your collection bin full, eventually, the truck will start passing you by. The city’s website makes it clear: “If you are selling or cleaning out your home and has an excessive amount of debris, you must call a private hauler for disposal.” When you’re in a situation where to have too much to haul alone, or your items are too heavy to even get out to the curb, Lift Away Junk Removal can help.

A professional junk pick up from our crew is as good as it gets! Of course, our team moves quickly to clean up your junk as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s at your home, business, rental property, or somewhere else—we can take it. What’s more, we’ll haul it all with smiles on our faces. At Lift Away Junk Removal, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the community. The satisfaction of our customers is what keeps us going, so trust that we’ll do whatever it takes to salsify you next.

Our junk removal cost will make you happy, too! That’s because we use a simple, volume-based pricing system to determine what you pay. When we first arrive at your property, we’ll check out how much junk you have for us. Then, after estimating the total space it will use in our truck, we’ll prepare an upfront quote for you. Because of this, you’ll always know what you’re paying before we’ve even hauled away the first piece of junk. No need to wait until later to figure out what you owe us!

How Junk Hauling in Pequannock, NJ Works

  1. Get started by scheduling an appointment with us! You can do this by either contacting us online or calling us at 973-447-8318.
  2. When it’s time for your appointment, we will give you a courtesy call. Expect to see us soon. We don’t do late appearances.
  3. Show us all the junk that has to go, then approve our upfront quote. We’ll immediately haul your stuff away afterwards.
  4. Once everything has been loaded onto our truck, we’ll accept your payment, then dispose of your junk. It’s that simple!

Appliance Removal Services in Pequannock Township

Big appliances can be quite challenging to move around. Removing a broken refrigerator from your home kitchen, for example, can cause you a lot of trouble. On the other hand, emptying out a restaurant can become difficult when you have to pick up old stoves, freezers, and other pieces of equipment. Need help ditching those heavy appliances once and for all? Then let Lift Away Junk Removal do the work for you.

We’ve got the muscle we need to remove those appliances fast! All it takes is a few of our team members working together, and we’ll load them onto our truck within a handful of minutes. We will exercise plenty of caution to prevent those appliances from bumping against your walls and floors, too. We handle all appliances with care because, well, you deserve a team that cares!

About Us

Looking for junk removal services in Pequannock, NJ and other locations? Want to support a local business instead of a franchise? Then you’ve struck gold with Lift Away Junk Removal. When it comes to hauling junk, we’re the best in the business. We’re not just talented haulers—we’re also friendly folks who can provide you with low, low prices. We can even be there to serve you as soon as today or tomorrow if you’d like! Don’t wait to schedule service with us. We’re just as excited to meet you as you are to meet us.

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    Both Vincent and Anthony were very professional and swift in their work.rnThe charges were reasonable.

    Sameer Rana
  • review rating

    Vincent was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be calling again. So fast! Reliable and works with you human to human.

    Sodasia Thompson
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    Very responsive and they finished the job quickly and well done. Def recommend.

    noel marmolejos
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    Amazing experience. The response time was quick, the process was also quick for a very large and difficult project. Highly recommend!!

    Sweet Marie’s
  • review rating

    We needed assistance getting hospital bed, chair and other furniture out of nursing home. So many places did not call back or keep their appointments. We called Lift Away today on a last minute scramble. They answered the phone, they were at the place within 20 mins and took away all items with no issues. I would use them again!!! Thank you for helping us out today

    Jeff Eisele
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    Great experience, fast, professional, courteous. Would definitely recommend.

    Steve Sexton
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