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You can get rid of unwanted items that are still in good condition with our donation pick up services. Contact Lift Away Junk Removal to schedule your appointment today.


Do you have a pile of things that you’d like to get rid of, even though they’re still in good condition? At Lift Away Junk Removal, we want to take these items off your hands, even though we recognize that they aren’t necessarily “junk”. This is why our donation pick ups are so helpful. We’ll remove the unwanted things from your property, then make sure they’re donated instead of dumped in a landfill.

Why Our Donation Pick Up?

Donating items that you don’t want is a great thing to do. For one, it’s eco-friendly, helping prevent needless waste from filling up the landfill. Secondly, it helps provide people in need with cheap, used goods. Because of these reasons, you might want to donate your unwanted stuff. However, if you can’t be bothered to take it to a donation site yourself, get in touch with Lift Away Junk Removal! Our full-service donation pick ups are exactly what you need.

We will head to your location, pick up all the items you want to donate, then handle the process of donating them for you! This is a convenient option because it means you won’t have to do any of the work on your own. It’s never been easier to do a good thing—thanks to us, you can donate your belongings without lifting a finger. You can even watch TV while we haul everything away!

How It Works

  1. After you have received our courtesy call, keep an eye out for our arrival. You’ll know we’re there when you see the Lift Away Junk Removal truck!
  2. After we have greeted each other, show us all the items you would like us to donate on your behalf. That way, we know what we’re working with ahead of time.
  3. Next, we will carry away all the items you wanted to be donated. We will handle the items with care as we load them onto our junk removal truck!
  4. Finally, now that we’ve collected all your unwanted items, we will head out so we can take them to our donation site of choice.

Furniture Donation Pick Up

Furniture is heavy and hard to carry, making it one of the most difficult items to donate. However, with a furniture pick up from Lift Away Junk Removal, donating furniture from your home has never been easier. Leave the process of lifting up these heavy items to our professionals! With one of our employees lifting the front and another one lifting the back, we can hoist up just about any piece of furniture. We don’t have a shaky grip, either, making it easy for us to maneuver your unwanted furniture through doorways, halls, and stairwells. Some of the furniture items we can donate on your behalf include entertainment centers, sofas, beds, chairs, and more. Someone else in Northern New Jersey will surely appreciate the fact that your furniture is available for resale!

About Us

Lift Away Junk Removal is primarily a junk removal business, but we will happily donate items for you. That’s because we are used to donating items already! After every junk removal project, we will sort through the things we collected. That way, we can recycle and donate as much of the junk as possible before taking the rest to a landfill. We even partner with Resupply to make sure that as much junk as possible is donated rather than brought to landfills. Why do we put all this effort towards being eco-friendly? Well, we believe it’s our obligation as a junk removal company. Support our mission to help the environment and the earth by scheduling our donation pick ups today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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    Both Vincent and Anthony were very professional and swift in their work.rnThe charges were reasonable.

    Sameer Rana
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    Vincent was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be calling again. So fast! Reliable and works with you human to human.

    Sodasia Thompson
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    Very responsive and they finished the job quickly and well done. Def recommend.

    noel marmolejos
  • review rating

    Amazing experience. The response time was quick, the process was also quick for a very large and difficult project. Highly recommend!!

    Sweet Marie’s
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    We needed assistance getting hospital bed, chair and other furniture out of nursing home. So many places did not call back or keep their appointments. We called Lift Away today on a last minute scramble. They answered the phone, they were at the place within 20 mins and took away all items with no issues. I would use them again!!! Thank you for helping us out today

    Jeff Eisele
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    Great experience, fast, professional, courteous. Would definitely recommend.

    Steve Sexton
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