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Yard cleanup is just a phone call away because Lift Away Junk Removal is here to serve your neighborhood! We haul away yard waste so you don’t have to.


Yard and garden waste removal can be a tricky job, but if you have a home or a business, it’s something that needs to be done. After all, nobody wants their guests or customers to have a bad first impression of your property. A messy yard does exactly that, though! Is your yard littered with leaves, branches, or even trash that the wind blew in? Then it’s high time that you contacted Lift Away Junk Removal for yard waste removal services that won’t let you down!

When it comes to cluttered yards, our crew knows how to make things nice and tidy! We are locally owned and operated, with our base of operations located in Rockaway, NJ, so count on us to be right on time. We’re just up the road from you, after all. On the day of your appointment, we’ll be fully equipped with all the tools we need to make your yard look great again! Feel free to watch as we get to work.

Why Us for Yard Debris Removal?

Lift Away Junk Removal doesn’t just do a good job… we do a great job! We are your community’s choice for junk removal services that are professional, fast, and fairly priced. The fact that we’re not a franchise ties into this more than you’d think, too. We don’t owe any expensive franchise fees, nor do we have to play by a rulebook that gets blindly applied to hundreds of nationwide branches. We’re our own thing, which means you get to enjoy cool savings and also receive a special brand of service that was designed by members of your community!

What this all means is that we make it a simple, stress-free process to get rid of yard waste. Simply reach out to us and let us know that you need our help. We’ll be there soon to tidy up your yard—perhaps even as soon as today or tomorrow if you need us that soon! From there, our crew works diligently to remove all the yard waste, leaving you with a landscape that you can be proud of.

Want that clean landscape ASAP? If so, you’ll need to get started by booking an appointment with us. Fortunately, it’s easy! Just contact us online to let us know about your cluttered lawn. You can also give us a call at 973-447-8318! We would love to talk to you so we can learn more about your yard waste problem. It won’t take us long to confirm your appointment details, so once we’re done talking, you can sit back and take a breather. The solution to your yard debris problem is on its way!

Our Yard Waste Removal Process

  1. When it’s almost time for your appointment, we’ll give you a phone call so you can be ready for our arrival. We will never be late.
  2. Once we have arrived, please show us what you need us to remove from the lawn. Then, approve our upfront quote to begin.
  3. Our professionals will clean up the yard, hauling away branches, brush, dead crops, and whatever else you need gone.
  4. Finally, we will dispose of the yard debris, leaving you with a clean yard that doesn’t stress you out when you look at it!

Lawn Equipment Removal

Of course, we can haul away plant matter, such as unwanted saplings, hedge clippings, tree stumps, and more. However, if you need to get rid of lawn tools and equipment, are we the right team for the job? The answer is yes! For example, if you have a shed filled to the brim with hoes, shovels, trowels, and garden hoses, it won’t take us long to load it all up on our truck. Our light demolition professionals can even remove the shed for you if you’d like them to!

Larger pieces of equipment, such as lawn mowers and tillers, can also be collected by the Lift Away Junk Removal team. Just point, and we’ll lift them away, just as our name implies. Just know that any recyclable items will be recycled accordingly. There are a lot of recyclable materials in your gardening equipment, especially metal, and metal doesn’t exactly decompose in the landfill. We are eco-friendly, so count on us to do the right thing!

About Us

Lift Away Junk Removal believes that in the junk removal industry, we have a responsibility to uphold. The community is counting on us to provide professional service that won’t let them down. The environment needs us to reduce the amount of waste we generate. And, of course, your wallet needs affordable prices that won’t leave you strapped for cash!

We’re happy to address all these issues. We always do our best by working tirelessly for your satisfaction. We recycle and donate to help save the earth. And, best of all, we provide friendly, volume-based rates that keep savings in your pockets! There’s a lot to like about us, so why wait to book an appointment? We hope to hear from you soon!

Yard Waste We Take

Tree Stumps
Hedge Clippings
Lawn Furniture
Fire Pits
Dead Crops

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    Both Vincent and Anthony were very professional and swift in their work.rnThe charges were reasonable.

    Sameer Rana
  • review rating

    Vincent was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be calling again. So fast! Reliable and works with you human to human.

    Sodasia Thompson
  • review rating

    Very responsive and they finished the job quickly and well done. Def recommend.

    noel marmolejos
  • review rating

    Amazing experience. The response time was quick, the process was also quick for a very large and difficult project. Highly recommend!!

    Sweet Marie’s
  • review rating

    We needed assistance getting hospital bed, chair and other furniture out of nursing home. So many places did not call back or keep their appointments. We called Lift Away today on a last minute scramble. They answered the phone, they were at the place within 20 mins and took away all items with no issues. I would use them again!!! Thank you for helping us out today

    Jeff Eisele
  • review rating

    Great experience, fast, professional, courteous. Would definitely recommend.

    Steve Sexton
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