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With just around seven thousand residents, Rockaway Borough isn’t the biggest place in the world. However, our neighborhoods generate junk just like any other neighborhood can. So do our local businesses. Fortunately, there’s a local business that can help when you need to get rid of junk. Lift Away Junk Removal & Hauling calls Rockaway home, and that’s why we offer professional junk removal services in Rockaway!

Why Us

Homeowners wind up with unwanted clothes, toys, and kitchenware that they’d like to part ways with. Businesses produce packaging waste and broken machinery that takes up space. Even our local farmers will need to get rid of plant waste and busted equipment every now and then. For all of these needs, our professional junk haulers are ready to help. With our junk removal services in Rockaway, you can finally offload any kind of unwanted junk, reclaiming your space in the process!

We are ready to remove junk from your property fast. And guess what? With our affordable junk removal cost, you won’t have to empty your wallet to receive our assistance. In fact, our volume-based prices make it easy to foot the bill and have savings to spare afterwards. We’ll even let you know what you owe us from the get-go with our upfront quotes. Your financial worries are over thanks to us!

How Our Hauling Services Work

  1. When it’s time for your appointment, we will gather our team, hop in our truck, and begin heading your way. Keep an eye on your phone—we’ll call when we’re near.
  2. We will be there before too long. Once we have arrived, show us all the junk you’d like to get rid of, then accept our upfront service quote to get started.
  3. Here comes the fun part. Stand back as our junk removal employees pick up your things, haul them out the door, and load them onto our truck.
  4. Finally, we will handle the disposal process. We will recycle whatever we can, donate any items in fair condition, and dump the rest.

Appliance Removal in Rockaway, NJ

Have you ever tried lifting an appliance on your own? If it was a microwave or a toaster oven, you were probably able to do it. However, in the case of appliances such as refrigerators or freezers, good luck getting it to budge. When it comes time to remove these sorts of appliances from your home, you’re left in a real pickle. Don’t give up, though. Instead, contact Lift Away Junk Removal for appliance removal help! We have a crew of multiple professionals, and with all those pairs of hands, we can hoist up even your bulkiest appliances with ease. From there, we’ll take care to not bump any of your walls as we guide the appliance out the door. If your replacement appliance has arrived, we can even help you situate it for an extra labor charge.

About Us

When people in Rockaway, NJ or one of our other locations need to get rid of junk, who do they call? If they want the best service and prices possible, they get in touch with Lift Away Junk Removal & Hauling. We’re the local business that folks count on to be there on time, work fast, and have a down-to-earth attitude that anyone can get behind. What sort of junk are you dealing with? Do you need a single-item pickup or a whole property cleanout? Whatever you’d like us to do, it’s a sure bet we can do it. Just schedule an appointment, and we’ll see you soon.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

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    Both Vincent and Anthony were very professional and swift in their work.rnThe charges were reasonable.

    Sameer Rana
  • review rating

    Vincent was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be calling again. So fast! Reliable and works with you human to human.

    Sodasia Thompson
  • review rating

    Very responsive and they finished the job quickly and well done. Def recommend.

    noel marmolejos
  • review rating

    Amazing experience. The response time was quick, the process was also quick for a very large and difficult project. Highly recommend!!

    Sweet Marie’s
  • review rating

    We needed assistance getting hospital bed, chair and other furniture out of nursing home. So many places did not call back or keep their appointments. We called Lift Away today on a last minute scramble. They answered the phone, they were at the place within 20 mins and took away all items with no issues. I would use them again!!! Thank you for helping us out today

    Jeff Eisele
  • review rating

    Great experience, fast, professional, courteous. Would definitely recommend.

    Steve Sexton
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